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Домашние любимцы
А у нас котяра Гав, а у Вас!

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the greatest strikers on FIFA Mobile Coins

Mertens is one of the greatest strikers on FIFA Mobile Coins the game. He lacks strength but he is incredibly nimble, quick and is effective at scoring at the box as well as outside of it thanks to his great finishing and lengthy captured stats.The Belgium international additionally owns decent passing stats thus allowing him to link-up together with his strike partner or overlapping wingers and full-backs before utilising his superb attacking positioning stat to enter a fantastic spot for a simple goal.In a bid to maximise Mertens' attacking potential you will need to stop making contact with opposition players and rather aim to get them around by using his excellent dribbling.

Ciro Immobile has established himself as one of the best strikers in Europe, so it's no surprise to see EA evaluation him with stats and an overall rating of 87. The Italian marksman includes 80 long shots and 90 finishing . He is also quite bodily as he stands 6'1 and also possesses 76 strength.He's the ideal player to associate with Mertens in assault as their skill sets complement each other nicely. With this team in place, you are able to choose all challengers.

Earn Icons, Team of the Week celebrities and other rare players using these tips.If you're expecting to succeed in the ultra-competitive universe of FIFA Ultimate Team, you'll need the best players the manner has to offer you. Unfortunately, the distinctive variants of these stars can prove to be particularly uncommon, and need plenty of attempt (and luck) to acquire.The enjoys of Player of buy FIFA Coins the Month, Team of the Week and Icon items can prove the difference between failure and success on the pitch, highlighting outstanding stats. We've picked the best methods to get these below.
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