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Наш город Северодонецк
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Sunxuemei Sunxuemei вне форума

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I already have void shirt and bottoms im too lazy to find the helm

Properly, coaching RuneScape gold slayer, not nessicarily for 99, is a great way to acquire high battle and cash. Do the quest monkey madness and replace your dragon longsword with a scimitar, which has a faster attack speed for much less power. Also, look at getting full void to make you hit better in battle, and therefore do jobs faster. Guthan's collection is also useful, as it heals you so you don't need food during actions. Another helpful thing to do would be to plant profitable herbs by performing a herb run one or more times a day. This will help to build your money stack at a gradual speed. For now, simply cut your personal logs, cut them into your best longbow (don't series ), and promote to a general shop. After it's possible to make maple longbows, purchase walnut logs and an equal number of maple logs and bowstrings. You can also substitute the bowstrings with flax, and spin the bowstrings for superior profit and crafting exp. Now, cut the logs into walnut longbows. Then, after you finish all those, take 14 longbows (un) and 14 bowstring outside, and also make longbows. Repeat until done. Sell the longbows on the ge for profit. When you get to level 70, create yew longbows.

I like the tips thanks. I already have void shirt and bottoms im too lazy to find the helm and gloves. I like the idea of herbing sounds cool. Could you reply telling me any way how to acquire void faster and just how can you herb run? The fastest approach is sort of cheating, but saves tons of time. Get a friend to play conquest against you and take turns intentionally losing. You'll find the quickest points possible. If you can not do this, do the newcomer lander repeatedly.

Merching if you are good at that, although with radically falling prices everywhere it is tough. As many raw materials (coal, iron( large bones) as possible and hope for a double xp weekend where you sell it all. If you've got good stats, consider staking. My range tank for f2p buy School RuneScape Gold will make 1m per day when he's lucky.
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