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Форумные игры
текстовые игры, или игры в слова

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Onmyoji Arena various kinds of shikigami are available

The latest mobile MOBA game released by NetEase Games, Onmyoji Arena, began to become one of the many games played by gamers on mobile devices. Graphics with 3D anime styles offered as well as high frame rate features are the main attraction of this game. Well, like other MOBA games, various kinds of shikigami (designations for heroes in Onmyoji Arena) are available and present with their respective roles and advantages. And of the dozens of shikigami that exist, it turns out there are some very exciting and unique to play, almost no one rival in other MOBA game.

Onmyoji Arena is a 5v5 MOBA game created by the same company that made Onmyoji. It had been a personality collecting game that grew too much recognition and they have made a decision to bring the Onmyoji world in to the MOBA world. The overall game retains the fashionable Japanese looks and original tone of voice skills to faithfully recreate Kyoto in the Heian time. With ground breaking map designs, a Fog of Battle mode, and a straight larger group of Shikigami skills, players are set for more pleasurable and greater problems as they challenge to reign supreme.

Yotohime is a Ninja / Samurai type shikigami, it means that she can hit like a Ninja but has a durability like a samurai. However, that doesn’t mean that Yotohime can go in an out whenever she wanted. Yotohime users needs to be careful, it is because she depends on its equipment which is why you mustn’t let she die in the early game and simply farm and if you can ganked with your allies to kill the enemies.

Yotohime is a Mage and Marksman killer because of her ultimate that can’t be targeted by anything for 2s but can easily be killed by any Tank and another Samurai depending on the item sets and timing. She is a really hard Shikigami to play but if you can use her, she can be a huge pain for your enemies team. If you are you looking for more about Onmyoji Arena Jade check out our website rvgm.com.
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Старый 19.08.2019, 15:37
a.torrent.tk a.torrent.tk вне форума

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Re: Onmyoji Arena various kinds of shikigami are available

Игры скачать торрент бесплатно без регистрации
Скачать игры через торрент можно у нас — огромный архив торрентов. Мы собрали коллекцию бесплатных игр, которые вы сможете скачать с торрента без регистрации.
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